Food For Thought

I recently discovered “Farmhouse Vernacular” on YouTube and have become a devoted follower.

The description of the channel reads: “An adventure in to renovating and recreating historic interiors in a thoughtful, respectful, and budget friendly manner.”

Paige and her husband bought a 1905 farmhouse and have been renovating it themselves. As both are trained engineers, their process is interesting and exciting.

Theirs is a thoughtful approach to what they deem to be the lifetime home. They are incorporating thought not only to the historical aspect of renovation, but looking forward to how they can live in the house as they age and have potential physical limitations.

The channel is well presented, provides great information, not to mention humor, and is a different approach to home DIY.

Their most recent project in the house is the kitchen. Personally, I’m loving the approach they are taking and am looking forward to the results.


It’s Reset Time Again

For those with kids in school, you already know about starting fresh. For the rest of us…

What is Reset Time?

Reset Time is when you do small tasks around the house to get ready for the next few months.

I recently cleared my YouTube Search and Watch Histories and made sure to rest my Roku box to be sure the latest software had been loaded.

Once the YouTube histories are cleared, I go back and research my favorites so the new videos will show on the screen when I log on.

If you are like me, and you find yourself searching for something a bit out of the ordinary, those searches bring a lot of other content up that you might not want on a regular basis. The reset and research will help clear that.

When the weather settles down (right now we are having a rainy spell), I’ll reset all my channels on my TV, too. Doing that, however, also requires that I reset my Watch Schedule app on the TV.

Speaking of TV schedules, I recently downloaded the latest TV Line Fall TV Premier Calendar and updated my media calendar. I also like to set my scheduling app to automatically go to those channels so I don’t miss something by being a bit…distracted. 😉

You Have a Media Calendar?

Yep. There was a time when I could keep my watch schedule in my head. We won’t go into how long ago that was.

I set up a separate calendar where I track the TV shows I follow, the movies I want to see and any books that will be released during the year. The TV shows all include the network they are on so I don’t have to dig. It has been years since I subscribed to any type of guide, so this works for me.

With different season starts for various platforms and networks, it just made sense for me to have a one stop spot to keep track of what I really wanted to see. The rest <shrug> I can add if/when I want.

This collection of small chores can take a few minutes, but the end results will help you keep track of things that matter and disregard those that don’t. They also help you keep your electronic tools up to date.

Happy Reset Time!

Color Theory

Not Just For Quilters

Color is one of those things that scare folks out of their collective wits.

They may not admit to it, but most people are terrified to try something new because, well, because.

Color is a part of our lives. The clothes we wear. The way we decorate our homes. The color of the vehicle we drive. (Believe it or not, black, blue, red, silver and white are all colors…not exactly exciting colors, but still.)

If you are a crafter, color is an integral part of your projects. If you decorate your home, choosing the <cough> right colors can be a deal breaker.

It doesn’t have to be.

Karen Brown of Just Get It Done Quilts has a great collection of videos on YouTube that explain color theory. Her aim is to assist quilters, but I say, use what she teaches to help you choose colors in whatever application you choose. You can find her videos on YouTube by searching for Just Get It Done Quilts in the YouTube search box. On her page, you will find links to her Facebook, Instagram and website. Check them out!

By the way, she has some great free handouts for her color theory videos. She tells you where to find them in her videos.

Home Applications

If you are contemplating a home decor project, but don’t have a clue where to start, might I suggest finding an inspiration piece.

What’s that? An inspiration piece is something you might want to include in your decoration. It could be a knick knack, painting, pillow or piece of fabric.

The inspiration piece could be the starting point to finding the colors you will want to use in the room as well as setting the tone or type of decor. You can go Modern, Traditional, Art Deco, or expand into Cozy Cottage or something with more of a theme like, say, Bird Houses or Light Houses. You get the idea!

Matt Fox and Shari Hiller did an entire series on this a few years back, but you can find more on their website Shari did a great video explaining color theory and how you can use it to design a room. Well worth checking out!

It’s A Comfort Level Thing

Color doesn’t have to be intense, you choose the depth of the colors you want to work with.

Need something calming and quiet? Try pastels.

Looking for more energy in a room or on a project? The deeper, darker the tone could give you want to you are looking for.

Warm or Cool?

Warm colors have a red base while cool colors are blue based. This is good to know when you are considering intensity and energy in a room.

Color has an impact no matter what intensity you choose. I once worked in an office that had been painted in a lower mid level blue color. Pretty, but cold. Really. When the a/c was turned on we froze. The cool color on top of the cold air just made the rooms colder. Didn’t matter what the thermometer said, either.

Where to Start?

You have quite a few options:

  • Collect pictures from magazines of rooms you like.
  • Visit your local home center and collect paint samples – don’t forget the brochures with room samples, too.
  • Wallpaper samples provide not only color options, but design options. Same goes for – I kid you not – wrapping paper.
  • Fabric can give you some great ideas and when paired with wallpaper samples can be a great start to a beautiful room.
  • Head over to the scrapbook section of your local hobby shop to find some interesting, and colorful, papers.

Colors change every year. More precisely, “In Colors” change every year. As you collect your favorites, keep in mind that some of those favorites may not last very long. Others are classics. If you aren’t concerned about taking on a design that is not up to date, you can create some amazing rooms.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself combining colors that you didn’t think would go together. I’ve recently seen some combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of, but when put together worked beautifully.

Don’t forget, the designer who developed that favorite swatch you love, put together colors that work together. Saved you from that Edge-Of-Your-Seat panic. 🙂

Color theory can be the start of a grand adventure. Beautiful rooms, gorgeous quilts, amazing craft projects. Don’t be afraid to dip your toe.

An Assistant that Really Helps

I’ve been watching Hermione Chantal’s YouTube channel for quite a while. Her focus during the past year or so has been renovating a 1900’s row house in England.

In addition to learning a lot of different design ideas, Hermione introduced me to a little tool that she used to keep track of items she wanted or needed for the house.

Shoptagr is an app that you can download to your smart phone or load onto your computer. Its purpose is to assist you to not only save money but time. Save and bookmark items you love to your Shoptagr page. It will automatically alert you when prices drop or items return to stock.

Sign up is free and they take minimum information. Shoptagr covers hundreds, if not thousands, of stores that you would access online. In some cases, those same stores have brick and mortar locations. You go to the app, sign in, and start browsing. Pick the store you are interested in and load it from the app. Once in the store, an icon resides on the right side of your screen. Choose and item you are interested in and click to add it to your page. Let the app know what you want it to check for you and you are done.

I’ve been experimenting with it for a little while now and find it easy to use and unintrusive. I have an alert icon that lives in my browser bar that tells me when it has notifications for me.

You can set up lists of things you are looking for; clothes, furniture, home decor items, whatever you want. And if you find a store that is not on their list, let them know and they’ll work to add it.

Shoptagr can be helpful if you are looking for the best options for holiday presents, home decoration projects, updating your wardrobe or any other type of shopping you do. Pair it with Rakuten to save even more money.