Is It Too Early To Look For Spring?

In my corner of the world, we have had Cold weather with bouts of rain and snow competing with the sun for some sort of warmth. While (so far) we’ve been lucky not to have had lots of snow, anyone who has been around here for long knows that there will be at least one more downpour of the white stuff before the end of March. That’s just how it is.

I recently came across an old (!) episode of America’s Test Kitchen which focused on two dishes prepared with fresh tomatoes. (Whimper) On top of that, I found a few recipes using that luscious fruit that I haven’t made in far too long. (Moan)

I look outside and the lawn, the part that is not mud, is not quite green, and there has been precious little sunshine to accommodate growing plants.

Yep, cabin fever coupled with winter boredom and we are at that point in time when contemplating a garden comes to the forefront.

Are you there, too?

Are you contemplating a vegetable garden this year? Are you thinking about flowers? I’d love to hear what you have in mind.

Oh, before I forget it: Happy February!

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