A Look Back to Renaissance Faires

A long (!!) time friend took me to my very first Renaissance Faire decades ago. It was magical!

Seeing this from Bernadette Banner brought back all the magic and the humor and the wonder and the – Well you get the idea. I hope. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “A Look Back to Renaissance Faires

  1. Awesome video! Never had i been to a Renaissance fair. Few other fairs where they pull out all the stops. However, nothing permanent or the scope like that. Very cool peek into what happens at one. If i ever have the chance to check out a Renaissance fair gonna hit it up for sure!


    • I have only experienced the Ren Faire in Southern California. When I moved back to Arkansas I was astounded to learn that there were many historical reinactors covering a wide time period.

      There is something truly magical about these faires. Well worth the trip.

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