Pondering Time Travel

A while back I came across a couple of people who are costumers by trade and by design. These folks are interested in clothing from different eras. Very. Different. Eras.

In the midst of listening to a couple of vlogs, a comment was made about their journey being, in some form or fashion, time travel.


It makes sense, if you really think about it.

Some folks absolutely love antiques. They fill their homes with furniture that was made long before the current owners were born.

Some folks love reading books or watching TV or films set in time periods that are definitely not their own. Or, more precisely, their current time period.

People love foods that are prepared the way Grandma used to make it or love vintage recipes.

Some folks thrive on Old Time Radio shows and/or music.

All of these things are, essentially, an attempt to time travel.

Yes, even when the person(s) is watching science fiction and looking forward, that, too, is time travel.

We tend to look at this fascination with old things as a more reflective and nostalgic exercise, but maybe…maybe it is an attempt to create a time and a place where the ‘now’ is a lot less chaotic, busy, noisy, cluttered existence.

Not exactly ‘easy’, just different.

What do you think?

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