• Come On In and Set a Spell

    July 19, 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. After a few months of trying different things, this seems to be the way I want to go. For now. If you are a long time reader, you know I like to change things up every… Read more

  • Green Thumb Quandaries

    June 1, 2020 by

    I must confess; I’m not a ‘gardener’ per se. I put things into soil, water them, nurture them, and basically hope they stay around long enough to be pretty, smell good and keep me company. I’m one of those people who whisper to the plant as we are on the way to the check out… Read more

  • Need a Refresher?

    May 25, 2020 by

    Focus on the household chores. Yep, chores. Those things we don’t want to do but need to be done. The boring stuff. The irony is that while you are doing the boring stuff, your brain can be working on the Next Big Project. You know, that quilt you want to make, the scrapbook pages you… Read more

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